Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kitchen Chaos Continues

April 16, 2015

Yesterday it was decided that all the flooring downstairs needs to be replaced because of water damage. 
Water Damage On The Floor Near the Kitchen Sink

 I converted the dining area into a make-shift kitchen which was working as well  as one would expect a small, area filled with tables and hot plates to work.

My Office Is Now A Kitchen Mess
Since all the flooring is being pulled up, I had to decide what to do with the kitchen things I have been using. Some things got boxed up and added to the many boxes in the garage. Others are now a bunch of kitchen items stacked on tables in my office. This really helps the creative process. LOL

We are told this could take another few weeks. 
Today, the flooring is being torn out and they will start rebuilding the cabinets.

What next you ask? Truthfully, I hope a fabulous new kitchen.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kitchen Chaos

Anyone ever have to deal with a leak under their kitchen sink that led to a mold issue? Trust me - it isn't fun.

Many people who are having a remodel can eat out or take in food with ease. But not people with food issues and allergies.Between Richard and I eating out is more of a challenge then figuring out how to create food in a limited space.
I have been without a functioning kitchen for  3 weeks.My kitchen is walled in plastic. After all the appropriate people came and reviewed the issue, the mold repair people came and removed the sink and 3 cabinets. Then the wait. It has been 3 weeks since the demo. Insurance issues have been resolved and tomorrow there build starts.

I created a make shift kitchen in my dining room. The refrigerator stands at the entrance like a soldier guarding the queen. Card tables are set up in a rectangular configuration so that pots, pans, dishes etc are accessible.  A small book shelf is now my limited pantry.I bought a hot plate by Faber-ware for $29.99. I didn't expect much from it but let me tell you it has been a life saver.
Faberware Hot Plate
Yesterday I replaced my small toaster oven with a Cuisinart Convection oven. Hopefully it will improve my meals options.
Cuisinart Convection Oven

Please be patient with my blogging as I work out of the house and chaos is not my best environment for creativity.