Friday, July 17, 2015

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

You think I had been through enough after being ill for almost 8 weeks with a gluten reaction to construction materials.  BUT no - I decided I needed a 21 day colon cleanse and another 21 day liver cleanse and Dr. Costa agreed. 

I am on day 17 of the colon cleanse, Repairvite, which I have done several times before.  This is the first time I am finding it a real challenge to stay on. For those who don't know this cleanse, a person uses Apex Energetic supplements made specifically for this cleanse. Food is limited to chicken, turkey, fish and beef, all veggies except nightshade, yams, and low glycemic fruits. In addition fermented food helps the process.  The food should be prepared simply and preferably organic. 

I had such a strong detox reaction during the first week. I barely wanted to leave the house. I suffered from the jitters, brain fog, fatigue, and intestinal issues (I save you the details). The second week was better but far from being pleasant. This week I am so tired of eating meat or fish for breakfast and eating the same kinds of food. I rarely eat beef ( maybe I taste it 3 times a year) but I decided to make a beef stew to change things up. Guess what- I don't like most beef and the stew was no exception.  So I find myself eating butternut squash curry soup for breakfast this morning. 

The liver cleanse is much easier. I get to start the day with a Clearvite cleanse and vegan protein powder. I can eat any gluten-free grains, beans, nuts and seeds (NO peanuts). I am looking forward to it. The reason I am doing a liver cleanse is because I had to take antibiotics and other medication will I was ill. Since my liver was kind enough to deal with all that I thought I should return the favor and clean it out.