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I created eZ Gluten-Free Life to support all people who live a gluten-free lifestyle:
[Celiacs Disease (CD), Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH), Hashimoto’s, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) and those people who choose to live gluten-free]
This blog takes an in-depth look at the gluten-free arena. It also looks beyond going gluten-free. New research, theories and approaches come into view on a regular basis and you can keep up with the results here at eZ Gluten-Free Life.

As many of you know, I started writing a “How To” Gluten-free book 2 years ago. One year into the process the book had grown to over 200 pages. I decided I didn’t want another lengthy book that would take days to read and even longer to process. I made up my mind to break the book up into handbooks that are manageable and easy to understand. I am now the proud author of 2 handbooks with a third one on the way. (Gluten-Free Living 101 will be on Amazon soon.) Handbook descriptions below:

          ISBN-10: 1494407825
          ISBN-13: 978-1494407827

          ISBN-10: 1494335018
          ISBN-13: 978-1494335014

Is Gluten Hiding in Your Shampoo? It was Hiding in Mine! is a detailed gluten-free shopping guide with over 2,400 personal care products. Why take the risk of being exposed to gluten, when using this easy- to- use handbook can protect you? This handbook will help you avoid products containing gluten and recommend products that are gluten-free.
Gluten can and often does affect people’s digestive system but did you know it can cause skin issues also. Dermatitis Herpetiformis is a disease similar to Celiac but instead of affecting the digestive system it causes clusters of watery, itchy blisters. Doctors are also linking skin issues such as; eczema, psoriasis, and undetermined rashes to topical gluten exposure.
This handbook includes:
  • Basic Gluten Facts
  • List of over 200 gluten containing ingredient names used in personal care products.
  • Personal Care Products Categorized by Type, Brand, and Item (detailing if the product is gluten-free or if it contains gluten and/or whether it is undetermined)
  • Categories include but are not limited to: medication, dental products, body lotion, soap, hair products, skin care, nail products, deodorant, sunscreen and cosmetics
  • Men’s Personal Care Products (including lotions, soaps, condoms, deodorant, facial products, and shaving products)
Is Gluten Hiding in Your Kid’s Things? Raising children on a gluten-free diet can be challenging and frustrating.  This handbook guides parents and/or guardians through the world of gluten-free living. Looking for answers to questions such as: what is gluten, where can gluten be found, what foods can I feed my child, and is gluten in non-food products?  Tired of playing gluten detective? Are you struggling with your child’s emotional reaction to having to live a gluten-free life? Then this easy-to-follow, gluten-free handbook is for you.
Included in this handbook:
  • Gluten Facts
  • Shopping List (over 750 child and infant products such as:  foods, body care products, art supplies, diapers, formula and more)
  • Creative Ideas (fun ways to adjust to a gluten-free lifestyle)
  • Menu Ideas (including a list of gluten-free snacks and treats)
  • Fast Food Facts
  • Gluten-Free Candy and More…

Thank you all for your love, support, friendship and patience.
Marian Z Geringer

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