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Gluten / Gluten-Free Ingredients in Japanese Food: An Update

An updated post from 5/14/14
For those adventurous chefs out there, here is what you need to know about cooking Gluten-Free Japanese food:

Basic Japanese Ingredients that contain gluten:
Fish Stock Powder (hon Dashi): Contains *MSG or Mono-Sodium Glutamate.
Japanese Mayonnaise: Ingredients vary and may contain Gluten.

Imitation Crab:Can be made with wheat 
Miso:  Miso is a blend of fermented beans and grains. These grains may be barley, wheat or rye and therefore contain gluten. Read label for all ingredients.
Panko: Made with Wheat
Rice Vinegar: May Contain *MSG or Malt Barley 
Sushi: Ingredients in sushi vary and could contain Gluten. Ask before eating
Sushi Rice: When cooked may contain rice vinegar or wheat
Tempura: Made with Wheat

Basic Japanese Sauces that contain gluten: 
Chili Sauce: Can Contain *Modified Food Starch
Fish Sauce: Ingredients vary from brand to brand - Read labels
Hoisin Sauce: Contains Wheat
Hontsuyu Sauce: Contains *MSG & Soy Sauce.
Black Bean Sauce: Contains gluten.
Oyster Sauce: Can contains *MSG and/or Wheat
Plum Sauce: Is usually gluten-free but read ingredients to be sure. 
Ponzu Sauce: Contains *MSG & Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce: Contains Wheat
Teriyaki Sauce: Contains Soy Sauce
Wasabi: Prepared in a tube and can contain lactose (dairy) It is usually gluten-free

Basic Japanese Ingredients that are Gluten-Free (GF):
Jasmine Rice: GF
Mirin Sauce:  GF
In theory, Mirin is fermented rice and does not contain gluten. Read the ingredients sometimes you will see other ingredients like Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein which does contain gluten. 
Nori Warps: GF
Potato Starch: GF
Saké: GF
Tamari Sauce: GF 

Eden Foods: Eden Mirin, GE Brown Rice Miso, Shiro Miso, 
Edward & Sons: Check out the link to see the variety of GF products they carry./
Kikkoman: Has many gluten-free Japanese products.

Mizkan: Mizkan Rice Vinegar, Mizkan Season Rice Vinegar, and Mizkan Mirin are Gluten -Free. Mizkan Ponzu is NOT gluten-free.
South River Miso: Eight varieties are made with non-gluten ingredients: Hearty Brown Rice, Dandelion Leek, Sweet Tasting Brown Rice, Azuki Bean Miso, Chickpea Miso, Golden Millet, Sweet White, Garlic Red Pepper Miso.
Mitsukan Rice Vinegar, Seasoned Rice Vinegar and Mirin ARE gluten free. Mitsukan Ponzu is NOT gluten free. - See more at:

Mitsukan Rice Vinegar, Seasoned Rice Vinegar and Mirin ARE gluten free. Mitsukan Ponzu is NOT gluten free. - See more at:

Go to Thank Heavens: The Gluten-Free Lifesaver, for a GF Hoisin Recipe  


* Modified Food Starch: In the United States Modified Food Starch is gluten-free, unless labeled otherwise. Modified Food Starch imported from another country will contain gluten.

*MSG or Mono-Sodium Glutamate is typically made with wheat especially if imported from another country.

* Soy Sauce can be replaced with Gluten-Free Tamari


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