Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why Do We Chose to "Not Be Our Best Selves?"

I have wondered what it would take for me to find my way back to my blog. I have loved spending the last few years writing but found myself suffering from what can best be described as "writer's block." Often,I would experience something and imagine what I would write but didn't follow through and for that I apologize.

I have been aware of my need to go beyond gluten issues and it has taken all this time to find what speaks to me. I plan to expand on this blog and write about various health related issues. 

It sometimes take a tragedy to open our eyes and say enough. My husband and I are lucky that last October's life event landed just short of a tragedy.

Richard has ulcerated colitis. He was diagnosed 6 years ago. After being diagnosed by a Gastrointestinal (GI)  doctor and given medicine we found ourselves on our own as far as foods were concerned. The GI doctor went as far as to say that Richard could eat whatever he wanted because it would "run" no matter what he eat. 

Thankfully, I had seen the healing powers of food and food eliminations.  My daughter went from having migraines, for most of her life, to not having migraines at all, when Dr. Cynthia Costa discovered she was reacting to foods, specifically dairy. The miraculous change in my daughter is why I am so passionate about using food as a way to heal ourselves. 

It took 7 months to convince Richard that he needed to take further steps to healing his gut and he finally went to Dr. Costa. Under Dr. Costa care, Richard enjoyed 5 symptom free years. His colonoscopy, in 2015, confirmed he had "No Active Colitis."  For Richard, that signaled a "I am cured" sign and he decided to eat foods he had been told to avoid, drink coffee, and stop all his colitis medicine. He also decided he didn't need to dothe bi annual cleanses Dr. Costa recommended. 

Lo and Behold, 6 months later, he was hospitalized with a severe blockage of his colon, due to an acute attack of colitis. He spent the last 8 days in the hospital. The 1st 4 days he was not allowed to eat or drink anything because he was on surgery watch. They pumped him full of antibiotics to reduce the infection that had occurred. The doctors feared that his colon what perforate due to the extensive bloating and severe blockage.  We were told he could lose his entire colon, if that happened. On day 5, they felt it was safe enough to due some additional testing and ruled out cancer. Thank God. They started him on steroids and the inflammation went down enough for him to finally pass "all that was being blocked."  

Day 8, today, they released him from the hospital with instruction to see his GI doctor asap, follow a liquid only diet and take a series of medications. 

Why as human beings do we chose to live in denial about of health issues. It only leads to us sabotaging our health. I am as guilty as anyone. Though I would never stray from my diet restrictions, I have not found my way back to the gym since I injured myself - a long time ago. I went from being very strong and flexible to not being so strong and flexible. I loved feeling at my best, so why have I chosen to not be my best self. A mystery for another day. BUT I am back at the gym asap.

Piccolino's, in Mission Viejo, is by far one of the best Italian restaurants I have been to in years. And They serve wonderful GLUTEN_FREE pasta. In addition, the owner, Sal, came to the table to be sure my food allergies were addressed correctly.

        The ambiance is fabulous, the food amazing, and the service excellent!
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