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Hi, I am Marian.  I am a gluten-free consultant, speaker, author,and founder of eZ Gluten-Free Life.  I have written 2 gluten-free handbooks.  Living gluten and dairy-free has re-energized my life and helped heal my body.   

I was born and raised in New York. I moved to California, 34 years ago.  I did not realize than but the move to California was my first real step towards healing myself.  I met my husband, worked through my emotional issues, reconnect with my spiritual self and started to explore a healthy lifestyle.

I started to redesign my family’s nutrition  when my daughter, Alex, who was diagnosed with migraines at 3 years old. She also had chronic sinus infections and digestive issues since birth. The exploration into holistic healing began. It took 18 years before the connection between Alex's migraines and her sensitivity to gluten and dairy was officially made.

Soon after Alex was diagnosed with major dairy sensitivities and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, my husband, Richard, developed severe ulcerated colitis. He, too, underwent a series of tests and was diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity as well as being told to eliminate corn, soy and dairy.

I suffered from undiagnosed symptoms, such as intestinal problems, arthritis, fatigue, infertility, and eczema, along with a lifelong dairy intolerance, severe food allergies & sensitivities, for as long as I can remember. I had been living diary-free for many years but still suffered from these symptoms. So, I decided it was my turn to get tested for food sensitivities. I was surprised at the results.

I have Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disorder, and Leaky Gut which are directly affected by eating gluten. Like people with Celiacs, I have to be extremely careful not to be exposed to even the smallest amount of gluten. In addition, I cannot eat dairy, soy, corn, sesame and hemp products.  Add this list to my already long list of foods I am allergic to and my families list of  “foods to avoid”, and the kitchen became a real challenge.

As I began to explore what it means to live gluten-free, I realized  it can be complicated, time consuming and a seemingly never-ending process. I began brainstorming simpler, more direct ways to help others find their way through this process. I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist. I am a woman, wife, and mother who had to take on the monumental task of converting my home and life to a Gluten-free/Dairy-free lifestyle. Blending my education, life and career experiences together with my passion for exploring the Gluten & Dairy-Free lifestyle, I created “eZ Gluten-Free Life”.

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