Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Gluten-Free Anniversary to me and my family!

Let's party- it is an anniversary! So many of the people I know discuss living gluten-free as a burden rather than a new lease on life. So what if we can't eat bagels or bread anymore. I no longer have brain fog, intestinal pains, skin issues and so many other benefits that I can't see but feel. So let's celebrate our commitment to health and a better quality of life.

My Gluten-Free Anniversary!
August is the anniversary when my family and I decided to take living gluten-free to another whole level. Complete and total commitment not only to eating  gluten-free and using gluten-free body care products BUT also to learning everything we could about it.

 Though it feels like we have been gluten-free for a life time, it is almost 5 years. The 1st year was all about helping my daughter regain her health. She was tested and  told to eliminate 31 foods including gluten. Yes, we did remove gluten from the menu but truthfully it took months and endless hours of research to understand the various places gluten could be hiding.  

Sometime during that 1st year we realized the profound impact eliminating gluten and dairy had on my daughter's health and we began to focus on those 2 foods. There were so many questions I could not answer about gluten and where it could be lurking so I set out to find out.
While finding out the answers, I developed a passion for the gluten-free lifestyle. (My reason for writing "Gluten-Free Living 101: A step by Step Guide and Is Gluten Hiding in Your Shampoo? It was Hiding in Mine!

When is your anniversary date for living a gluten-free life?

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