Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Japanese Food Ingredients: Are They Gluten-Free?

I started looking for gluten-free Japanese food recipes and realized I needed to know more about the basic ingredients used in Japanese food. I began researching this a year ago and but it aside to complete the books. With the temperature at 104 degrees, I thought Japanese food would be fun to make but I had forgotten how many of the ingredients needed to be altered.

For those adventurous chefs out there, here is what you need to know about cooking Gluten-Free Japanese food:

Basic Japanese Ingredients that contain gluten:
Fish Stock Powder (hon Dashi): Contains *MSG or Mono-Sodium Glutamate.
Japanese Mayonnaise: Ingredients vary and may contain Gluten.

Imitation Crab:Can be made with wheat
Panko: Made with Wheat
Rice Vinegar: May Contain *MSG or Malt Barley 
Sushi: Ingredients in sushi vary and could contain Gluten. Ask before eating
Sushi Rice: When cooked may contain rice vinegar or wheat
Tempura: Made with Wheat

Basic Japanese Sauces that contain gluten: 
Chili Sauce: Can Contain *Modified Food Starch
Fish Sauce: Ingredients vary from brand to brand - Read labels
Hoisin Sauce: Contains Wheat
Hontsuyu Sauce: Contains *MSG & Soy Sauce.

Oyster Sauce: Can contains *MSG and/or Wheat
Plum Sauce: Is usually gluten-free but read ingredients to be sure. 
Ponzu Sauce: Contains *MSG & Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce: Contains Wheat
Teriyaki Sauce: Contains Soy Sauce
Wasabi: Prepared in a tube and can contain lactose (dairy) It is usually gluten-free

Basic Japanese Ingredients that are Gluten-Free (GF):
Jasmine Rice: GF
Mirin Sauce:  GF
Nori Warps: GF
Potato Starch: GF
Saké: GF
Tamari Sauce: GF 

Go to Thank Heavens: The Gluten-Free Lifesaver, for a GF Hoisin Recipe  


* Modified Food Starch: In the United States Modified Food Starch is gluten-free, unless labeled otherwise. Modified Food Starch imported from another country will contain gluten.

*MSG or Mono-Sodium Glutamate is typically made with wheat especially if imported from another country.

* Soy Sauce can be replaced with Gluten-Free Tamari


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