Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Temptations

During the holiday's people are often tempted to justify eating foods they are not supposed to eat. This includes people who are supposed to be gluten-free for health reasons, Celiacs included. Do not let the temptations of the holiday derail your health. 

I know how difficult it is to walk into someplace that is filled with the fragrance of wonderful foods and know that I cannot eat them. I have gotten past the temptations because I have suffered too much in the past, from eating gluten or dairy. Now I enjoy the aromas and sights. I love looking at a beautifully made meal or a gorgeous chocolate mouse pie. 

Try to find the joy in the experience. For me, the holiday has always been about the people and the food is a delightful addition. Now those foods have changed, but I am so thankful to still have so many people I love with me on the holidays.

I just read a 6 part article on the Living Without site called, "Why Celiacs Cheat?" by Erica Dermer. Though the article addresses Celiacs, it could easily be titled, "Why People Cheat When They are on a Restricted Diet?" It is worth reading and may help you stay on course through this holiday season.

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