Monday, March 21, 2016

King Arthur: New Set Of Clothes

King Arthur's New Look
King Arthur not only had new gluten-free products at the Expo, they had a whole new look. Coming in the Summer of 2016.

The boxes for their gluten-free products will soon look that boxes in the photo. Personally, I liked the old look better but change is inevitable and as long as they haven't changed their cake and pancake recipes, I am happy. 

Unfortunately these are the only pictures of the new products I have, so let me tell  you what's new.

Gluten-Free New Products:
Top item: Measure-For-Measure  Flour
Left Top: Sugar Cookie Mix
Left Bottom: Cornbread Mix
Right Top: Pumpkin Bread Mix
Right Bottom: Pie Crust Mix

I am very excited about the Measure-For-Measure Flour, if it is as good as King Arthur's other Gluten-Free products, it could save us a lot of time using individual flours and starches.

I tried the pie crust at the Expo and I was impressed. It was light, buttery and flaky 

I look forward to trying all the new gluten-free products when they hit the stores.